Fitness + Life Coaching

Fitness and Coaching Elite Package

Nutritional Meal Modules for each week in the Month Planned by IB Nutritionist, Weekly Fitness Modules Created by Lead Trainer, 1 x40minute Coaching Call to Align Fitness/ Lifestyle Awareness, 1 Endermologie Cellulite/Skin Firming Treatment, 1 Bottle of our Premiere Lipotropic Vitamin Formula or Oxygen Water when Fat Reduction doesn’t Apply ($400/month vs $650 all sold separately)

Reformer Pilates and Power Plate Crossfit ($100/hour)

Owner Royce Oliver has created the ultimate in Unique CrossFit Experiences!  Utilizing weights and medicine balls with the Reformer and Power Plate, your workout has never taken newer Dimensions of Sculpting.   10 Years as Trainer between Miami Beach, Singapore, Tokyo and Chicago,  Royce has perfected the art that is body sculpting in his own unique Duet of 2 of the best and most advanced Fitness Machines.  The Reviews have been coming in in Chicago and Abroad as “the utmost in Fitness Addictions” and “a must have in toning the Total Body”.

Power Plate

IB’s Power Plate is the ultimate wellness solution for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities. The benefits of Power Plate whole body Vibration aren’t just limited to workouts. The Stretching, Relax, and Massage Applications pre and post Workout will make anyone a Vibration Addict. With added bone Density, sped up body Detoxification and heightened muscle tissue Tone, it is no wonder that Power Plate is a consistent, effective Workout for MLB, NBA, and NFL. Make it a part of your Fitness Regimen with a session or package with us.Balanced Body Pilates Reformer Owner Royce became a Pilates fanatic in 2011 after a VIP client of his bought him 10-20 package of Pilates with a Private North Shore Trainer. Soon after Royce was trained with BB and now the sessions are offered Daily in his Private Fitness Studio. This heightened Pilates workout with Reformer truly rocks the whole Body Inside- Core- Out to the peripheral Muscle Tissues.

Fitness Advising ($120/month)

All Fitness Routines for the month are written out in weekly Emailed Modules for various IB Workout Plans. Tailored to meet your needs of Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, or increased Peak Sport Performance.

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Holistic + Aesthetic Lifestyling

Private Yoga Experiences ($70/hr, 3 or more ppl $25/person)

Private Brazilian Capoeira Experiences ($70/hr, 3 or more ppl $25/person)

Personally Tailored Guided Meditation with Chakra Stones ($80/hour)

Private Acupuncture   (consult IB for current outcall/ incall rates)

Private Airbrush Tanning ($50/session, $80-100 outcall travel to you)

IB is proud to have the latest Airbrush Portable Machines to come to Hotel or Home.  Owner Royce Oliver has done various American/International Celebrity with this “Body Art” as he calls … it also fits holistically with Fitness in that looking Darker makes all of us appear Thinner and more Healthy

Raw Lifestyling Private Consultation   ($75/1 hour Consultation)

It is our main objective to see that everyone has a Comfortable, successful Detox Period at least once during each and every Year.   This consultation helps you plan a 5 Day, 14 Day, or 30 Day Cleanse.  The session may also take you into the Aisles of your favorite local Raw Market examining replacements for existing Bad Food Habits.   We offer sampling of Raw Meals, as well as align you for Juice Cleansing.

3 Day IB Juicing Cleanse

Specially created for you with Organic and Natural Ingredients (3 Day Supply $100)

Iridology  ($60/30 minute consult, $110/hourly consult)

Our extremely Charming Executive Raw Chef John Schott takes you on a Journey into your Eyes and Iris’ and how they relate to Full Body/Individual Organ Health.  He can see Significant lackings and limitations in the Body and suggest/offer Organic Herbs/ Raw Foods to correct the corresponding lacking area.  IB Founder Royce Oliver swears by him and has been treated for various Organ limitations as seen in the Iridology session.  This is a must try Service especially for Preventative measures for every System in the Body (Nervous, Immune, Heart, Digestive, etc)

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Bodycare Lifestyling

Clinical Massage Therapy/ Deep Tissue ($120/hr, $170/90 mins)

Clinical Massage Therapy/ Deep Tissue ($120/hr, $170/90 mins)* – Chronic pain and stress in the muscle tissue imprison your body! We can help you identify these and assist you in breaking free from the stressors and complications in the muscle tissue. This Therapy is deeper and includes accessing different Acupressure Points in the body as well as Reflexology Points/Deep Tissue of the foot. It is imperative that we look at this type of a session as Regular Maintenance at least once or twice a month… Our therapists help you attain a state of Bliss and Zen while also giving you some long term results in your holistic health and muscle tissue. Balancing our Ki /Chi energy with Deep Tissue massage is one of the best things we can do to improve our Health and Happiness!

The Asian Synergy- with Thai / Shiatsu / Ayurvedic Modalities ($130/hr, $180/90 mins)*

Harmony and Blissful meditative states are achieved when we stretch our Meridian points of each major Body Region…Combining these three effective Asian modalities together impacts the Body significantly…Shiatsu hits different tsubo/ pressure points that, when released, simultaneous give us a release and pleasant Euphoria and Wellbeing. Thai massage focuses on stretching ala an effortless Yoga routine…Ayurvedic Massage traces you back to ancient India where oil illuminates Chakra points and focuses on 3 dosha types-Vata, Pita, Kapha, as explained by Therapist fully. Other benefits noted by Clients receiving this treatment are Deep muscle and tissue relaxation, stress reduction and management, toxin release from the body, circulation improvement, nervousness dissipation, and an increase mental and spiritual awareness.

The Stoner – Hot Stone/Sea Rock ($130/hr, $180/90 mins)*

There can be nothing more complementing and relaxing than Deep Tissue while meanwhile being entertained and soothed with Warm Rocks/Stones flowing across each and every Body part…Our Therapists will use the Rocks to simultaneously massage the Body and they will also allow your Body and Gravity to sink you into these warm, earthen specimens. Think heating pad comfort on each and every body part and warm finger pressure to nurture the Soul. Including reflexology and a facial/scalp massage, this session will leave you purely rejuvenated and reconnected to your Inner Peace. Indulge yourself in this unique, multifaceted treatment!

The Multimedia/Fusion ($130 /hr, $180 /90 mins)*

In a multidimensional way, Experience massage as the true Devo/Diva should!!! This one incorporates everything from warmed Skin Treatment/Body Masques to Hot Oil Scalp Massage to Hot Stones…Everything from all of our Service Menu are touched upon to be a part of this exquisite array of the finest in Whole Body Pampering. A must for the massage connoisseur!!! 90 minutes minimum or 2 hour available.

25 minute Ala Carte Menu ($50 each) – (for add-on to hourly Massage Services)

Holistic Hot Scalp Manipulation- A beneficial, warmed Herbal Scalp/Hair treatment is applied along the meridians of Head and Scalp and 30 minutes of pure Head and Hair Happiness… Fuller, Shinier, More Aesthetic Hair is typically seen immediately.

Cellulite Body Treatment- Unfortunately we all have bits of these deeply resented areas…Let us include a 30 minute Body Masque that Naturally and Holistically takes away more of the appearance and existence of Body Cellulite. A Special caffeinated, sea kelp treatment is all natural so as to not offend even the chemical intolerant Peeps.

Foot Exfoliation/prolonged 30 minute Foot Reflexology – Let us impress you with our Knowledge of Foot/Body Connection…First we take away Dead layers of skin with a specialliy prepared, organic Foot Scrub. Second we hit literally every crevice of the foot with Massage while meanwhile giving you knowledge of the various Body parts, Glands, Chakras each massaged area represents. Fascinating equally as It is Relaxing. It is urgent to Pamper this Body Part that is always in overuse State!!!

* Travel for massage sessions will incur a $30-$60 Travel Fee

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